Questionnaire Responses

Jason Bednarz

We reached out to just about every candidate that we ranked with a questionnaire specific to the office they are running for. Here are the answers Mr. Bednarz provided.

Mr. Bednarz is a Libertarian. He's running to represent Nevada's 2nd Assembly District.

Tell us about your background. What are your qualifications for this position?

My greatest qualification to be a member of the Nevada State Assembly, as I see it, is that I have absolutely ZERO experience in government. My sole intention in running is to remove as much power and control from the government as possible, returning it to the hands (and pocketbooks) of the people of Nevada. From oppressive taxation, to excessive regulations and licensure requirements, to the horrible overreach of government mandates over the past few years, those are the reasons I've decided to get involved, in order to reverse them and prevent them from happening again. As a world-class pianist and tournament Scrabble player, one might not expect those skills to translate into the world of politics, but as someone who can learn and master complex systems easily, I see no reason why I can't also figure out the game of politics. Granted, those two worlds are very honorable with very clear rules, so perhaps I'm naive to think I can compete in the dirty world of government, but I'm giving it a go nonetheless!

Do you agree or disagree with the measures taken by state officials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? What do you think should have been done or done differently?

I strongly disagree with how the government handled the pandemic, at pretty much all levels. I believe it was greatly overblown, mostly for political reasons (removing Trump), but also with great financial incentives on the part of the drug companies and those connected to government, considering how many trillions were "printed" and showered upon special interests, all under the emergency pandemic conditions, which allowed for one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history, the effects of which we're clearly seeing everywhere. Especially with the knowledge we now have regarding the inefficacy of masks, lockdowns and the "vaccines," not to mention all the psychological and financial harm they wrought, we should never allow the government to impose such restrictions and mandates again.

Many voters are unhappy with our public school system. What policies or actions would you prescribe to repair or replace the existing system? Do you support “school choice” policies such as educational savings accounts? Why or why not?

I am a HUGE proponent of school choice. Nevada has some of the absolute best restaurants, entertainment and hotels in the world, precisely because there is SO much competition and choice. Our schools, however, are 2nd-worst in the nation, at least in part because there are so few alternatives and that most families cannot afford to send their children to the better private schools, forced to use the public system, which has almost no accountability to the children and their families. This is probably the most personal aspect of my campaign, as we struggled desperately for many years to navigate our autistic son through the public system, with failures outnumbering successes by about 10 to 1. It was so bad at times, that we had to pull him out for two different years, because the schools did not have competent programs or staff. I could go on for an hour on that topic, but will leave it for another time. Suffice it to say that if we had been allowed to take our public dollars private at the time, we ABSOLUTELY would've hired qualified people ourselves to run a home ABA program or at least been able to help fund sending him to a specialized school that could've better served his needs. Giving people choice and control over their own ed dollars would engender competition, which in turn would provide some much-needed accountability to our children's education and hopefully lift all ships. Specifically, on our way toward getting the government out of education altogether, I would support vouchers or education savings accounts, whereby families could take their ed dollars to any learning institution they see fit, even homeschooling. I'm a private piano instructor, and my homeschoolers are leaps and bounds past all my public ed students, on the whole.

Please briefly describe your political philosophy. What are your guiding principles?

My primary guiding principle is that people generally will spend their own money most wisely and carefully on themselves. People constantly choose which clothes, food and entertainment to buy for themselves, so why should health care, schools and all the other wasteful government programs be any different? The more involved the government is in just about any sector of the economy, the lower the quality and the higher the cost...just look at health care, higher ed (student loans), and again the public schools. Some of the country's biggest cities spend the most per capita on their public school students, with the lowest academic achievement. More generally, I am against coercion, believing that any virtue must be freely chosen and that government relies primarily on force and coercion. Therefore, I am firmly committed to reducing its power and scope, especially in regard to taxation.

Many voters are concerned about inflation and its impact. What could be done at the state or national level to address the root causes of inflation or mitigate its impact on the public?

End the Fed!, first and foremost, but also allow free competition in currencies and return as much as possible to sound money. Inflation is just another form of taxation and wouldn't be possible without the evil fiat system we are currently forced into, which gives the government essentially unlimited ability to spend, start wars and enrich themselves.

What would be your top priorities in the Nevada state legislature?

My top priorities would be school choice, ensuring free and fair elections with a return to pre-COVID in-person voting standards but with increased ID and scrutineering provisions, trying to make sure mandates and lockdowns never return, and reducing or eliminating as many regulations, licensure requirements and taxes as possible.

Who or what are the largest political special interests in Nevada, and which of these do you see as having a positive or negative influence?

Since libertarians are the party of and for the individual, it's hard not to see collective/special interests as a negative influence. Big business should not be able to purchase legislation or legislators, though of course that's the system we have and one that'll be extremely difficult to fight against, even if some of us should somehow get elected, against all of the money and institutional power behind all the Rs and Ds. Again, I understand the quixotic nature of my campaign, yet am willing to tilt at windmills despite it all!