Questionnaire Responses

Janice E. Noble

We reached out to just about every candidate that we ranked with a questionnaire specific to the office they are running for. Here are the answers Dr. Noble provided.

Dr. Noble is a Democrat. She's running to represent Nevada's 39th Assembly District.

Tell us about your background. What are your qualifications for this position?

I began my career as a Registered Nurse working at the bedside and then began working in nursing education and finally, moving into higher education, became Vice President of Academic Services in community colleges. Upon retirement, I became involved in the Douglas County Democratic Women beginning with the Legislation Committee and worked as the President of this organization for the past four years. During this seven-year period, I learned a great deal about how an idea becomes a bill draft and through the committee review process, becomes a bill. I have followed several themes that have been consistently brought before the Legislation and believe I understand the processes and the issues that are important to our citizens. I have maintained my Registered Nursing license and I have a Master’s Degree in Education and in Business Administration. I earned a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Higher Education. This educational path has given me the opportunity to learn about healthcare, education, and business processes. Most importantly, it has taught me the value of learning how to learn and become a lifelong learner. This education will serve me well as I understand the details of becoming an Assemblywomen for the State of Nevada.

Do you agree or disagree with the measures taken by state officials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? What do you think should have been done or done differently?

I agree with the measures taken by state officials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. My rationale comes from my healthcare background and the notion that as a nation and world, the virus was completely unknown and I believe officials did the best they knew how to do with the information available. As more information became available, I believe the course of response changed. As an example, it was recommended that we disinfect our packages due to the belief the virus spread through touch. Once it became clear this was not the case, the recommendations changed. I believe the recommendations provided were issued with the best interests of our communities for our health and safety. I wish what would have been done is that more clear information from the CDC and WHO could have been available to our state officials. I recently learned that some counties refused to honor mask mandates and isolation recommendations. I would have like to see a stronger response to these refusals in order to protect the public.

Many voters are unhappy with our public school system. What policies or actions would you prescribe to repair or replace the existing system? Do you support “school choice” policies such as educational savings accounts? Why or why not?

I believe more funding for teachers and school counselors need to be allocated to schools. Teacher-student ratios need to be lowered as it is difficult if not impossible to ensure all children are met where they are and have the opportunity to become the best they can be. The average allocation per student in the country averages $15,000. In Nevada the per student allocation is only about $10,000. Funding needs to be increased. I believe public funds should be used for public schools. Tax dollars paid by our citizens should be allocated to public schools. If parents wish to send their children to private school, that should be their choice. I do not believe tax payers should pay for private school tuition.

Please briefly describe your political philosophy. What are your guiding principles?

First, I am not a politician. I believe in our country’s, values, rights, and responsibilities. I believe in the truth and never making promises I cannot keep. I believe in the right to vote, the settled law of a woman’s right to choose. I believe in hard work and persistence. I believe in the right to privacy and the right to pursue our best life.

Many voters are concerned about inflation and its impact. What could be done at the state or national level to address the root causes of inflation or mitigate its impact on the public?

This weekend a game-changing bill was passed by the U.S. Senate with the real potential for the House to pass it later this week and be signed by President Biden. Decreasing the cost of prescription drugs and capping the amount each senior would pay for those drugs at $2000 will go a long way to decreasing the effects of inflation. Gasoline prices have made a major contribution to inflation. While they are decreasing, I believe oil companies have taken the opportunity to increase prices even though the price of crude oil did not warrant these price increases.

I understand that many businesses lost revenue over the past two years due to the pandemic. They need to recoup some of those losses by raising prices. A consideration might be made to place a cap on post-pandemic costs until inflation slows. Raising interest rates at the federal level is already being done in order to slow spending. Of course, a sharp eye must be trained on the economy to ensure these measures do not lead us into a recession.

What would be your top priorities in the Nevada state legislature?

Working with legislators on both sides of the aisle, my priorities are that I will work on healthcare, education, and the environment. I am aware that Nevada has a severe shortage of healthcare workers – nurses, nursing assistants, physicians, and psychologists. I will research how Nevada can become a part of the compact of 36 other states that allow reciprocity for licensed professionals to move to Nevada and begin practicing. I will work to ensure that the current abortion statutes in our state remain in codified law. I will work toward finding ways to increase the number of school and adult counselors and psychologists in our state. Due to the pandemic children and adults alike, have experienced mental health issues that will impact our communities for years to come if not treated. I will work to support improvement in teacher-student ratios and increase funding for per student allocations. Teachers’ salaries need to be increased in order to keep them in the classroom and not leave for other careers.

Nevada is a special place with open land and recreational areas that are the envy of other states. We need to improve our economy and increase affordable housing so our citizens do not have to commute to another county to find work. This requires a balanced approach to protecting our environment while ensuring we have safe water and clean air. It will be important to maintain our open spaces and not be forced to consider selling them to developers if funding is not available to maintain them. I will do the work to make sure there is a balanced approach to protect our environment and develop our communities in a sensible manner.

Who or what are the largest political special interests in Nevada, and which of these do you see as having a positive or negative influence?

There are several special interest groups that will influence the future of Nevada. Not in any particular order are the National Rifle Association (NRA), Gaming, Tourism and Mining. I believe Gaming and Tourism are both positive influences for our state as they bring much needed revenue. The caveat to this is we must not have a recession as that will limit both industries without people enjoying these opportunities. The mining industry also could be a positive influence, especially mining lithium, bringing jobs and revenue to our state. But again, the caveat is that the mining is done in an environmentally friendly manner. The NRA has a strong influence on its members. As long as this special interest group will support safe gun ownership with available training for new gun owners and safe storage options, I believe it too, can be a positive influence on our state. If not, then I fear for our state with the ever-increasing number of mass shootings.