Questionnaire Responses

Randy Rose

We reached out to just about every candidate that we ranked with a questionnaire specific to the office they are running for. Here are the answers Mr. Rose provided.

Mr. Rose is a member of the Independent American Party. He's running to be the Commissioner for Clark County Distrcit E.

Tell us about your background. What are your qualifications for this position?

I was a Commodity Futures Broke, in Los Angelesr where I had a fiduciary relationship with clients to work to increase their wealth. I retired to Las Vegas, NV where I became a Realtor and then I retired again. I ran as a Republican in two previous primaries, 2014 and 2018 but lost to Rinos. I have alwaTahoe to Lake Mead so that in years where Tahoe floods it will runoff to Lake Mead. I also want to change the airport name to Las Vegas International Airport. I want to be an Employee, not a Tyrant Dictator.

Do you agree or disagree with the measures taken by state officials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? What do you think should have been done or done differently?

The Corona Virus fisasco was a way for the Preogressives to act as Tyrants and Dictators. Fact: Masks do not stop the Corona Virus, it sails right through.

Many voters are unhappy with our public school system. What policies or actions would you prescribe to repair or replace the existing system? Do you support “school choice” policies such as educational savings accounts? Why or why not?

The answer to the school problem is let the money follow the student, wherever the parents choose.

Please briefly describe your political philosophy. What are your guiding principles?

My guiding principles is that I am a conservative

Many voters are concerned about inflation and its impact. What could be done at the state or national level to address the root causes of inflation or mitigate its impact on the public?

Inflation goes way down shortly after Biden allows the Keystone pipeline to finish. Inflation hurts anyone who has a fixed income. That includes Seniors as well as wage earners who get the same amount every two weeks.

What are the biggest issues currently affecting Clark County? What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

The Biggest issues are the lack of train service in our city and the lack of water in Lake Mead,

Can you cite any instances in which you believe that Clark County Commissioners abused their power?

I think Tick Segerbloom abused his power by making a unilateral decision to change the airport name to Harry Reid. I think they all abused their power by forcing us to wear masks.