Questionnaire Responses

Mark Robertson

We reached out to just about every candidate that we ranked with a questionnaire specific to the office they are running for. Here are the answers Mr. Robertson provided.

Mr. Robertson is a Republican. He's running to represent Nevada's 1st Congressional District.

Tell us about your background. What are your qualifications for this position?

Three things qualify me to serve as Representative for the people of Nevada’s 1st Congressional District: (1) Deep Community Ties (2) National Service, and (3) International Experience.

Deep Community Ties: I’ve lived in the district for more than 30 years. My wife, Lesly and I raised our family in the district. I owned a small business here. I was a leader in my Church. I coached soccer, basketball, and little league. I taught as a substitute teacher in CCSD. I have worked, played, shopped, worshiped, and served in the district. I will be accountable to the people because they are my friends and my neighbors.

National Service: I served in the Army and Army Reserves for 30 years. I enlisted as a Private and retired as a Colonel. I was assigned to the Pentagon during the last administration. I taught at the National Defense University in Washington DC. I have a degree in finance and an MBA. I taught finance at UNLV. I know how the economy works and I know how to balance a budget.

International Experience: During my 30 years in the military, I deployed to ten different foreign countries, including combat zones in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq. I was a member of the U.S. delegation to the Global Coalition Against ISIS. I sat a large table with 68 other countries. In front of me was a miniature American flag. I wore headphones so that the discussions could be translated from other languages. It is this group that developed the strategies which defeated the physical ISIS caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

Do you agree or disagree with the measures taken by state officials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? What do you think should have been done or done differently?

I strongly disagree with the actions of Governor Sisolak. I do not support vaccine mandates or shutting down businesses and churches. I believe that the government should give us complete and accurate information, and then allow the people to decide what is best for themselves.

Many voters are unhappy with our public school system. What policies or actions would you prescribe to repair or replace the existing system? Do you support “school choice” policies such as educational savings accounts? Why or why not?

I wholeheartedly support School Choice. Parents should have the right to choose which education option is best for their child, whether that be public, private, magnet, charter, faith-based, co-op, or home schooling. Funding should follow the child in the form of vouchers or education savings accounts. Educators should be accountable to parents, not bureaucrats. Competition between the various education options will improve the performance and outcomes of all schools.

The Federal government should have no role in education. There is nothing in the U.S. constitution that says the Federal Government should have anything to do with education. I will fight to abolish the US Department of Education, then block-grant the $86 billion they spend back to the States in the form of vouchers. Education decisions should be made as close to the child as possible (preferably by parents), not by bureaucrats in Washington DC.

Please briefly describe your political philosophy. What are your guiding principles?

I believe in supporting and defending the U.S. Constitution as written. I believe in a very limited Federal government with most power vested in “We, the People”, and the States. I will do all that I can to reduce the size, scope, and reach of the Federal government. America was made great by people who were free to make their own decisions and enjoy (or suffer) the consequences of those decisions. We need to return to small government and personal responsibility.

Many voters are concerned about inflation and its impact. What could be done at the state or national level to address the root causes of inflation or mitigate its impact on the public?

Our current inflation problem was created entirely by very poor government policy. The Federal government printed, borrowed, and spent trillions of dollars that we don’t have. This reckless spending created artificially high demand for goods and services. The government then shut down the factories and businesses that produce the goods and services, thus severely limiting supply. The government went so far as to pay people not to work. Any freshman business major can tell you that high demand and low supply will naturally lead to inflation.

To solve our inflation problem the Federal government must stop spending money we don’t have. We must balance the budget, eliminate deficit spending, and start paying down our $30,000,000,000,000 in debt.

What would be your top priorities in Congress? What issues are most important to you, and what issues do you believe are politically achievable in the near term?

My top priorities as a Representative of the people of NV-01 are: (1) Reduce inflation by fighting for a balanced budget. (2) Reduce the reach, scope, power, and burden of the Federal government by fighting against burdensome regulations, and intrusive laws. (3) Secure our borders to stop the illegal flow of guns, gangs, drugs, and terrorists into our neighborhoods. (4) Fight for school choice so that parents can choose which education option is best for their children. (5) Work with Representatives of other Western States to develop solutions to water issues.

Please describe your views on foreign policy, specifically with regards to the Middle East, Russia, and China. What role should the United States play in world affairs?

Before getting involved in the affairs of other countries, the President of the United States should make a case to the American people that there is a vital national interest to send our money or our military. As Representatives of the people, Congress must take back its role of approving or disapproving of the funding for foreign interventions. European nations should have the largest responsibility for containing Russia. Russia is on their continent and at their doorstep. As for the middle east, we need to become energy independent so that we no longer send billions of dollars to countries that do not have our best interest at heart. As for China, we need to eliminate burdensome government regulations which make it hard for American companies to compete with China. We need to unleash American businesses so that they can fight and win the economic battle against China.