Questionnaire Responses

Robin Titus

We reached out to just about every candidate that we ranked with a questionnaire specific to the office they are running for. Here are the answers Ms. Titus provided.

Ms. Titus is a Republican. She's running to represent Nevada's 17th Senate District.

Tell us about your background. What are your qualifications for this position?

I have served 4 terms in the Assembly. The last term I was the minority leader. I believe my experience in the Assembly as well as my Nevada roots have prepared me to move to the senate. I bring thoughtful process and common sense to the political table.

Do you agree or disagree with the measures taken by state officials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? What do you think should have been done or done differently?

As a Medical Doctor and the Lyon County Health Officer , I have stated multiple times times that the State's response was based on political science and not medical science. I do not believe there should ever be health care mandates. Health care decisions should be between the individual and the provider they trust.

Many voters are unhappy with our public school system. What policies or actions would you prescribe to repair or replace the existing system? Do you support “school choice” policies such as educational savings accounts? Why or why not?

I absolutely support school choice. I believe that the term " no child left behind" only means, "no child gets ahead". Teachers are forced to teach to the lowest common denominator.

Please briefly describe your political philosophy. What are your guiding principles?

I believe that government should only do what the private sector can not. National defense, secure our borders and infrastructure. ie. roads and bridges. I believe in our constitution, limited government and limited taxes. I also do NOT care what an individual does in their private lives but I do care how you spend my taxes

Many voters are concerned about inflation and its impact. What could be done at the state or national level to address the root causes of inflation or mitigate its impact on the public?

I believe that over regulation creates inflation, competition and a free market limits inflation. Our government continues to spend money it does NOT have.

What would be your top priorities in the Nevada state legislature?

Increase access to health care. Undoing some of our current Governor's unnecessary programs, down sizing our bloated state government.

Who or what are the largest political special interests in Nevada, and which of these do you see as having a positive or negative influence?

Gaming and the Culinary Union have the biggest influence. It is important that Nevada stays a " right to work state." Nevada is a mineral rich state. The mining industry has tremendous opportunities and jobs for rural Nevada but also offers America an opportunity to not be dependent on foreign nations for its future.